Epic: el posible futuro de Internet

Este en un posible retrato del futuro de Internet.

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  1. Carlos
    September 27th, 2014 at 5:54

    Egghead here: Great newspaper artilce above by The Independent newspaper. I have excerpted some relevant statements with my comments beneath each.”A failure in 2008 to believe a 15-year-old girl’s evidence that she had been systematically groomed at the hands of a network of taxi drivers and takeaway workers in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, led to at least two more years of abuse being meted out to the gang’s victims, many of whom have still not come forward.”Did law enforcement officials ‘fail’ to believe the victims OR were the relevant officials either 1) Muslim officials who refused to prosecute under Sharia Law or even participants in sex victimization, and/or 2) non-Muslim officials paid by Muslim gangs to look the other way or even participants in sex victimization?”Police interviewed 47 potential victims but proceedings were only bought in connection with five of them.”In the United States, the victims might join a class action suit to take the personal assets of the criminals. Unfortunately, those famous ‘moderate’ Muslims (that we are always hearing about without ever seeing) have shielded their mosques from civil legal suits by holding their property in Islamic trusts designed to shield Muslim assets from civil suits brought by the victims of terrorism and sex victimization – in addition to any other common Sharia Law enactments and sedition actively ‘preached’ by mosques.”The trial led to violent disturbances in Heywood near Rochdale where the grooming took place, with gangs of white youths attacking local Asian-owned businesses where some of the men previously worked.”This was the FIRST that I heard that the businesses attacked had associations to the criminal Muslims. It appears that this was simply store front prostitution (as sometimes happens in cities): Would you like a white girl with that kebab?!Egghead

  2. Yulia
    February 20th, 2015 at 22:16

    That’s a clever answer to a tricky quesiton

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